Intuitive Counseling, Angelic & Ancestral Readings, & Mediumship

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a reading from Jax. Almost from the first thing she said, I knew this was the real deal. She started speaking really fast and talking about things I hadn’t discussed with anyone. Like, big career stuff that I’d been wondering about but hadn’t allowed myself to even voice. Then there was the stuff about my health, and how the new path I’m in the process of making for myself, was the right one. None of this came from me asking questions, only thinking them. It was crazy accurate and the affirmation I needed to continue on with what I’m doing. I left that reading with a lighter heart. Thanks, Jax! You are amazing.

—Candace Havens, author and radio personality, Dallas, TX

Before I met Jax I was just another nihilist ridden 20-something-year-old with no end goal and lost hope. I had decided that impulsively leaving my hometown and moving halfway across the country was my best choice. So, I loaded what I could fit into my car, gave the rest away, kissed all I’ve ever known goodbye and moved to Orlando. Turns out things weren’t much different, the only difference was now there were palm trees! I felt doomed. Fast forward about a month later. When I met Jax, I was working at a coffee shop that she frequents. We got to talking one day, and before I knew it I was booked for a reading. I knew in my heart the Universe brought her to me to help. I was hesitant at first….I knew I probably wasn’t going to be able to afford to get a reading with a 6th generation intuitive. She went out of her way to make sure I was able to get a reading and was very understanding. A normal psychic would yeet ya to the street. Shes friendly, relatable, and on point. Jax talked to me about things I’ve never talked about out loud before. She gave me the advice I needed to let go of negative emotions and help me move forward with my life. She was also able to help my sister figure out why she wasn’t losing weight! After a half a year of trying, my sister couldn’t figure out what she was doing wrong with her diet. She walked 6 miles a day, ate veggies/lean proteins, and never cheated! She was shook when Jax, also a health intuitive, finally revealed to her that she had a gluten intolerance. My sister lost 8 pounds the first two weeks and is on track to reaching her weight loss goals. Jax is the real deal!!! I’m so grateful to have gotten a reading from one of the few genuine psychics of the world!

—Shannon M., Orlando, FL

I was very unsure about meeting with Jax, but I did anyway, and it was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself. Growing up Christian and very serious about the religion, I was scared to venture out of my comfort zone. As soon as I sat down with Jax, I felt a huge sense of peace. She gave me an immense amount of advice that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. She encouraged me many times throughout the session to make the best of my life in the most productive ways, and told me personal tips on how to apply myself for success. Even if you question the spiritual realm and her field of work, she gives credible advice and knowledge that you can apply logically and be able to flourish. She answered all of my questions in ways that gave me complete and personal understanding. Everything made sense when talking with her. After she did energy work on me, I felt a huge cloud had lifted off of me that has weighed me down for many years. Weeks later, I still feel so much better and happier. I’m so grateful to Jax and her gifts. I will definitely come to her again in the future.

—Gaby H., Seattle, WA

Jax, with her clairvoyant gifts, mentioned some concerns I had about career and moving houses has eased my mind. Reassuring me that the worse is behind me and giving me confidence to step into my own. I’m excited for my new journey and I have Jax to thank for her spiritual guidance. Thank you, friend!

—Gloria S., Austin, TX

I contacted Jax at a time when things were pretty unclear in my life – my relationships, work, health, everything. Everything that Jax told me was directly on point – I knew she was truly skillful when she told me things that only my family would have known. Everything she has told me has been right on point and I now turn to her with any issues or questions that I may want guidance on. She was able to pick up on any negative energy around me and gave me words of encouragement and confidence to get through a very tough time. Added to that, Jax very much cares about her clients – it’s clear she is all about helping people and not fluffing any answers to questions. By far Jax is the best medium I have ever heard of. I would definitely recommend her to family and friends for a good and thorough reading.

—V.P., Orlando, FL

I lost half my family in year and a half. Including my husband of 37 years. When I first met Jax. She delivered messages to me that no one would have known about my husband other than myself. I don’t post on Facebook or Instagram. It was personal information she delivered. She helped me get some relief from my grief. I’ll continue to see her. Mainly because my heart and soul still needs guidance and Jax can help…..She is Amazing !!

—Kristy S., Pittsburgh, PA

Jax was my first ever psychic reading and she is the real deal! Her reading was spot-on and so specific! I felt a weight lift off my shoulders as she illuminated all the possibilities and potential that lay ahead of me, and I left the meeting feeling lifted in spirit. With actionable items from Jax and my archangels to help me achieve my personal and spiritual goals, I feel confident in the future. The session was so valuable and I couldn’t be more grateful.

—Kait B., Orlando, FL

Jax is AMAZING! From the very first time I had the chance to meet her. She has helped me in so many ways. Most of all she is honest. She tells you what you need to hear not want to hear.

—Amy N., Pittsburgh, PA

Jax and I worked to find a common time during the hectic holiday season to do a reading. She was more than flexible, and our communication was clear, a refreshing change when people are so difficult to pin down!

After a brief catch up and information on how she works through her process, we got right to the reading, which was wonderfully encouraging and positive.
She was able to give me some very specific ideas on how to move forward and work through some ‘stuck’ areas in my life, in a very healthy and honest way.

I loved our discussion on “finding my tribe,” it really connected with me and enforced the importance I put on working with mentors, and a company that supports more than just the corporate office.

If you’re looking for a YES or NO answer, keep looking, because life really doesn’t work that way and neither does Jax. But if you’re looking for a meaningful conversation to help open up some new opportunities with a little bit of guidance, Jax is a fantastic source of inspiration.

With an open heart and an open mind, I’m eager to put into practice some of the ideas Jax has suggested, and I look forward to connecting with her in a few months to have my next reading!

—December G., Oshkosh, WI

I met Jax through a friend of mine in December 2016 and I will tell you this…she changed my life. I was in (what I felt like) was a dead zone. I had been faced with adversity, judgment, jealousy and negativity my whole life, but this time I was the one who messed up. I was in abusive relationships, the war in Iraq, dealt with rape and sexual abusive and drugs/alcohol all of which led me down a road I never thought I would have to travel. I felt like I were better off dead some days and was desperately searching to find who I was. So I reached out. Her detailed reading helped me realize the person I am through my Angels that came to her. What she told me was spot on and it inspired me through what messages that were relayed to her. I know there are a lot of mixed emotions and opinions on seeing a spiritual healer and coming from a strict Roman Catholic home and now a devoted Christian I worried about it questioning my faith. However, after learning that it was actually my Archangels reaching out to me, I felt like a warm cozy blanket of emotions was covering my heart. I felt at ease and started to see the light of day. To reach that point of satisfaction in life some people search and reach out through different things and people. Jax definitely helped save me. I was a lost soul and after our meeting it was like instant gratification. So many doors opened and the positivity began to flood my life. After taking her advice and participating in certain rituals I was starting to see the light of day! Thank you Jax. You are a blessing and inspiration!

—Nicole M., Pittsburgh, PA

I was referred to Jax by a good friend. I went to see her at a psychic convention when I learned about what had been going on within my mind. She helped me translate that energy into being more in tune with what I had already known within myself, but wasn’t aware of. She also was helping me better understand what had been going on with my grandmother who is growing older. She took her time and really guided me to understand what I needed to do personally to move forward to better myself. Clear the dark energy, accept it, and put it behind me! She’s great. Blessed to have met her!

—Amber W., Pittsburgh, PA

I recently had a reading with Jax and was blown away by the authenticity and accuracy of it. I have had many other intuitive readings before, but Jax’s reading was different. It went straight to the heart of everything I needed to know to heal. I felt uplifted and I definitely felt the presence of angels! My head tingled with warmth during the whole reading and I even had goosebumps. In addition, I have purchased creativity red string bracelets from Jax. I love them and they serve not only as energetic protection, but as a beautiful reminder.

—Danyelle S., Connellsville, PA

I must say that Jax sure knows what she is doing. I met Jax at a psychic fair this past December. I have been to a few really good mediums/psychics.

The interesting thing that caught my eye is the fact the Jax does “smoke readings.” I never had a smoke reading done before. I wanted to see what kind of advice Jax could give me from smoke reading.

Jax spoke of my past lives and how they are corresponding with my current life. I find this really interesting and it makes sense. She spoke to me about different lives I had and lessons that I learned in those life times. I knew Jax was right on because, other mediums/psychics told me a little of my past lives but Jax went into detail with different lifetimes that stood out to her as significant to the issues that I have going on in this lifetime.

She gave me advice on personal issues that I am currently dealing with and issues I would be dealing with in the near future. The advice she gave to me helped me tremendously. I recorded my reading with my cell phone and played it back again a few times when I got home. By recording the reading and listening to it later on helped me concentrate and take notes on the advice that she gave me that I may have missed during the initial reading.

Jax was so accurate with my reading and she helped bring me some peace. I highly recommend her.

—Justine B., Cranberry, PA

I was at a cross road with my writing, not sure which path I should take. I decided to get a reading by Jax.

She was incredibly insightful. She hit on points that I was mulling over even before I mentioned them.

She also told me things about myself and my family that were not common knowledge. I found her council very helpful and her reading clarified what I should focus on. Would I get another reading from her? Absolutely!

—Catrina B., Superior, AZ

I was going through a tough time all around and stumbled upon a sign that said smoke readings. I thought I would give it a shot. When I first met Jax, you could just feel she was this blessed honest soul that wanted to help you. When she started talking about my two relatives that came forward I started to get teary. I knew they were there by the things she said that no one else would have known. She continued to tell me things about my future and my past that amazed me. I cried the whole reading and they were good tears because she touched my soul. Jax has an amazing gift and I am so blessed to have been in her presence. I continue to have readings and recommend her to everyone I know.

—Jenna V., Du Bois, PA

Jax is a gifted clairvoyant. The goodness of her heart allows her Higher Self to touch many spiritual realms. She offers channeled guidance through her blessed abilities. She personally helped me through a crisis by requesting assistance of my guardian angels and other spiritual entities which I am most thankful for.

—Alice G., Orlando, FL

I first met Jax two weeks after my fiancé passed away. I was skeptical and nervous because I wanted her to connect with him, and hopefully give me some type of answers. I had palm and tarot card readings previously, but my experience with Jax topped any experience I’ve ever had. The things she told me were only things him and I discussed. The way she would say things, I knew it was him coming through. She had never met my fiancé (well until he passed), and you would have thought they knew each other their entire life. Jax has helped me so much to grow as a person both mentally and spiritually. The amount of satisfaction I got after our first encounter was more than I ever hoped for. I see Jax regularly to help cleanse negative energy, for mediumship readings, reiki, and life guidance. It doesn’t matter if you have questions, issues, or just in need of life or spiritual guidance, Jax is your person! I have referred multiple people to her, and they are amazed at how amazing she truly is. Give her a try, I promise you will be more than satisfied!

—Jessica M., Pittsburgh, PA

Well I will start with saying I met Jax through my daughter, who she has helped tremendously. Jax is the best! She is very personable, makes you feel really confortable, and explains everything she is doing. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I must say it was one of the most moving experiences. My son-in-law (deceased) started by hogging the air, but it meant so much to me to hear from him. As I sat there with my older daughter, we were both hoping my mom would come through. She did, to some extent. Our real surprise was my dad, but he made us figure it out with silly little hints. All in all it was the best experience. Can’t wait to have another reading. We have already referred Jax to friends!

—Holly G., White Oak, PA

When I first met Jax I was skeptical about readings. As soon as I sat down, my brother who recently passed connected right away…which caught off guard.  She brought up a topic that only me and him knew about. He asked me for his forgiveness. She also gave me insight about the meaning behind significant changes in my life. She was able to tell me where I needed to make the changes. She was very insightful and accurate with my reading. Thank you Jax for your amazing reading!

—Amy K., Pittsburgh, PA

I met Jax through my sister who she has helped in multiple ways. I was still a little skeptical upon meeting with her, seeing this was my first time experience. The things she was able to see and describe to me were overwhelming since no one could have known these things. Jax is truly amazing! I will continue to spread the word and refer her to others. She has helped my family and I know she can do the same for you and your family.

—Marci M., McKeesport, PA

I had never even heard of a smoke reading before, and let’s just say I was skeptical. I was amazed at all the elements in such a reading. Jax hit on so many things that were going on in my life and running around my head. I would definitely do this again, and I have recommended her to many of my friends.

Updated: Everything Jax mentioned that would occur in my personal life has come to pass. She was right on all accounts.

—Lee P., Orlando, FL

I highly recommend Jax’s smoke readings. Although I’ve had several types of psychic readings in the past, such as tarot, this was something totally new to me. I have to say, looking back, Jax’s predictions turned out to be spot on, way more than traditional types of readings.

—Wynter D., Orlando, FL

As Jax says, “the smoke is never wrong.”  Although my spirit team was feisty the day she did my reading, the uncanny messages were spot on.  I didn’t have to wait long for one to manifest in a way that couldn’t be mistaken as coincidence..

—Karen B., Winter Park, FL

Energy Work / Reiki Sessions

I would like to write a review about my experience. I have been suffering from degenerative disc disease for approximately 2 years. During this time, I’ve had several doctors prescribe massive amounts of pain killers, and then steroid shots. I refused to poison my body with all the medication, and looked for a healthy alternative. I found Jax. She has been such a blessing to me. At first it just helped with the pain, then it got rid of the pain completely. I was able to skip my injection in June. Now it’s mid-August and I am just scheduling with Jax for a tune up.  She has given me relief from excruciating pain and helped me walk without pain. I highly recommend this drug free alternative. Thank you so much, Jax!!

—Stacie T., McKeesport, PA

I had Reki only twice in my life before meeting Jax. Both sessions were with the same practitioner and very beneficial. Jax however, took things to higher level. The sensations were subtle at first but the energy level rose to a much high vibration, much higher than I’d experienced previously. When she placed her hands on me there was a roaring in my ears that I have never felt before or since. I believe in the power of Reiki and Jax has a natural gift for it.

—Lee P., Orlando, FL

I’ve had Reiki several times before, but I’ve never had as powerful an experience as when I went to Jax for sessions. She definitely has an uncommon gift for healing that anyone experiencing pain can benefit from. I felt an initial effect of the Reiki she did on me, but I continued to improve for days and weeks after my sessions.

—Wynter D., Orlando, Florida

After the reading, spirit led her to perform Reiki on my back—an unexpected surprise to both of us.  Within moments, she found the spot and an amazing heat moved through her hands releasing a ton of energetic ‘gunk’ I’d stored.

—Karen B., Winter Park, FL


I want to thank you so much for helping me. My house was filled with dark energies that caused me grief and your series of cleansing brought back my peace. Everything is so much lighter!

—Tracy S., Orlando, FL

My family and I have encountered unusual occurrences in our 100 year old house over the years. We were lucky enough to have found Jax to do a house cleansing. She was able to get rid of the negative energy and heal our home. We will definitely use her services again to keep the peace within our walls.

—Linda G., West Mifflin, PA