If you were referred to my site, or guided here by some divine power…thank you for indulging in your curiosity and wanting to learn more about me and my services.

My name is Jax, and I’m a Sixth Generation Shamanic Healer & Intuitive. I work mainly with Archangels, Ancestors, and the Heavenly Realm. I’m passionate about spreading light and healing to the world as a Spiritual Activist. My specialty is Life Purpose—helping clients navigate through their current situation in order to discover their life path. My process is very direct in that I connect directly into Auric Fields and Timelines. Even though it’s not necessary in my readings, I work with smoke readings (soot divination), but I also use Archangel Tarot, Oracle Cards, and so much more. I incorporate my Eastern, Western, and Native American beliefs into my work. I, not only focus on healing others, but also developing awakened intuitives who are searching to understand and develop their own spiritual skills as a Transformational Intuitive Coach. In addition, I often travel for private events, present intuitive workshops, or make guest appearances as a motivational speaker.

Not all intuitives possess the same abilities. There are different types of psychics and/or mediums out there. No two are alike. We are all given different gifts and abilities to help heal others, and how we choose to use our gifts determines the direction of our services. Some are more developed intuitively than others, but the end result is to help spread light in the world. Whether it is to provide closure, receive validation, or help navigate the client through their current situation, I am a messenger who is grateful to be connected to the Heavenly Realm. I am dedicated to helping with the healing process. My readings are candid and will shed light on questions concerning many areas of your life. In my readings, I receive specific guidance and information through a channeled connection to higher sources. I can assist you in finding self-love, and a new direction with clarity, to actualize your life purpose with the help of your celestial overseers.

If you’ve never had a reading before, know that the messages I receive are safely from the side of Light to help guide, awaken, and transform you spiritually so you can reach your soul’s purpose.