I am a sixth generation intuitive and Shamanic Healer. Although these gifts run on both sides of my family line, my father embraced his life purpose to help others heal. He was not vocal about his abilities, nor did he want fame, but he was still an internationally sought after Shaman. He was also blessed with many gifts, including Transcendental Channeling of Archangels, Ancestors, and Ascended Masters to do higher level healing and cleansing. As a well-respected Shaman, he had an abundance of word-of-mouth referrals and never turned anyone away who needed help. Witnessing paranormal activity and my father’s ‘work’ was simply a natural part of my every day life. This was his calling. Whether it was exorcisms, clearing Ancestral Karma and curses, relaying messages from the beyond, or healing the sick, he devoted his life to helping others until he could no longer do so. He passed on June 13, 2013. That was the turning point in my life.

You can’t run from your calling…

I didn’t always want my gifts. I was actually terrified of them. I would see the spirit world as if it was alive and thriving, existing in this reality. It became increasingly difficult for me to grasp my psychic gifts because I wasn’t like other children. In my teens, I tried to shut off my abilities entirely. I pretended as if I was ‘normal’.

When I was eighteen, I was in a serious accident and had an out of body experience. I was on bed rest and my fever spiked to 104. I felt my body go toward the light, but instead of following Source…I took his hand and asked for more time. My soul lived in the inbetween world for what was considered three years. Three days in earth terms. That was when I discovered I needed to pursue this intuitive path, but I still didn’t act upon it.

It wasn’t long before I was drawn back to the spirit world. When I was able to confront my fears, I was able to learn and develop my own abilities. I could no longer ignore the divine ancestral voices or telepathic communication, and was constantly surrounded and compelled to relay messages from those on the other side. Yet, I was still uncomfortable with telling others that I was a psychic medium because I was afraid of their opinions. It was an insecurity that I eventually overcame when I lived in Los Angeles. I was guided by a higher power to meet psychic friends. It was freeing to be able to speak candidly about my experiences. This was the push I needed to move forward.

In 2013, not long after my father’s passing, he visited me. That was when everything just clicked with my soul. He confirmed that I was chosen for a reason. I just needed to embrace this Shamanic ancestral legacy. Soon after, I started to open up my psychic channels and received divine downloads. It became increasingly easier to get a feel for people, their energies, and how to decipher what I saw. Every night, I continued to tap into my higher self, learning, upgrading spiritually with the help of my psychic ancestors and Archangels. Now that I’ve decided to follow in my father’s footsteps, I feel a deep and indescribable fulfillment. Whether it’s to comfort the grieving, help heal the body or soul, or guide individuals, this was what I was born to do.

This is what I must do.

Like my father, I have privately used my psychic abilities to work with clients that were referred to me. There is still a lot of learning and growth as I develop my intuitive gifts. At this stage in my life purpose, I’m not putting into practice my ability to be a Transcendental Channeler. I plan to pursue this path in the future when I have the blessings of my ancient  divine ancestors.

In 2014, I received a vision in which I was directed to reach a wider audience, so that those who needed me will be able to find me. By being visible and more vocal about my abilities, I can help even more people. I can also relay messages of love and healing from a higher source, and to help educate others about what lies past the light and beyond.

Psychic Abilities

CLAIRVOYANT (clear seeing) — I receive symbols and visions of people, places, things (of the past, present & future).

CLAIRAUDIENT (clear hearing) — I hear messages from the other side.

CLAIRSENTIENT (psychic senses of smelling, tasting, and feeling) — I connect with the sensory experience, emotional and physical memory of the departed as if I’m in their shoes.

EMPATH — I connect with individuals who are in the same space or room, and take on the sensations of the physical and emotional states of being.

PSYCHOMETRY — I can make relevant associations from an object of unknown history by making physical contact with that object.

HEALER — I tap into my higher self where I receive information about a person’s health, and channel energy from a higher source to assist in the healing of those who are in pain and are suffering.

Smoke (Soot Divination) Reading

As a young child, I was frequently visited by a Native American Chief who would show me the spirit realm. I was not scared of him and could sense he was a kind soul. He would show me his village and the life that they had lived as if I was linked to him in some way. I never understood this connection we had. In 2014, an intuitive friend of mine did a smoke reading for a group at a non-profit I volunteered at. For some reason the smoke reading was very familiar to me. I had residual memories of a past life in which I was a Native American Shaman. I quickly understood and interpreted the visions that came to me as if I had always done these readings.

Health Intuitive & Energy Healing

I am not a physician, however, I can see into the physical body and advise clients to seek appropriate medical help. When my Archangels call upon me, I focus on Spiritual and Physical Healing for my client. As an intuitive healer, I’m able to see the physical and/or emotional problems within the persons being. Through my sessions, I’m able to alleviate pain and suffering. My energy healing (also known as Reiki) consists of receiving and channeling energy from a higher divine source (God, Archangels, Angels), which I then transfer into my clients through touch. This activates the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. I also do fine-tuning of energy for those who feel off-balanced and needs grounding.

Spiritual Medium

Although I choose to connect with mostly higher level sources, Archangels and Angels, I often converse with those who have crossed over and may have a message for their loved ones. Not every visitation will result in a verbal message, but can be an acknowledgement they have received messages and prayers from the living. As a spiritual medium, souls communicate telepathically through feelings, colors, symbols, numbers, and pictures. The communication is intense and vivid, so I am able to help bring closure and healing to the individual.

Cleansing, Saging, Smudging

Saging (smudging) is an ancient practice rooted in Eastern and Native American cultures and traditions. It’s a ritualistic way to cleanse a person, place, or an object of negative energies or influences. The theory behind smudging is that the smoke attaches itself to negative energy, and as it clears, it takes away the negative energy with it. Then, Mother Earth re-absorbs the negative energy and filters it herself. Often, I reinforce the cleansing with incense, singing bowl, or any additional tools that is required. My process includes calling upon my Ancestral Archangels to walk through the session with me.

I approach every cleansing with the purpose of eliminating negative energies and forces, releasing anything that has negatively attached to you or your sacred space (home or office), and is affecting your well-being. It is also a process of helping to heal you, your family, and your personal space. If you are moving into a new home, this is a purification method. It is a blessing and a cleansing of your environment so you can fill your walls with new beginnings, love and light.

Author, Speaker, & More

As a USA Today Best-Selling romance fiction author, I have published over 30 novels and have participated in many national motivational speaking engagements, including the topic of “Feng Shui for the Creative Mind”. I focus on helping people overcome adversity, de-clutter their mind in order to heal, overcome negativity, and motivate them to achieve their goals. My journalism experience allowed me to contribute many freelance articles for national and international magazines. As an abstract & mixed media artist and modern calligrapher, I use my art to inspire others. I also love giving back to the community. Whenever possible, I volunteer, work with local charities, or find ways to raise money and awareness about causes close to my heart.