Thank you for discovering me! Whether you found me organically or through a referral, know that you were Divinely guided by your loved ones and those on the Heavenly Realm.

My readings are candid and will shed light on many areas of your life: love, career, family, relationship, health, life purpose, etc.

I never know what to expect because your Archangels, Angels, Guides, Ancestors and Loved Ones will provide the messages they feel you need most. You will get what you need and not always what  you want.

You must have an open mind and an open heart to receive the best possible messages for healing. Please know that I have the right to refuse service. My Archangels and Guides can only help you if you want and need the help. If you are resistant and set in your intentions of not acknowledging the heavenly messages you’re receiving from them, I will end the session and you will lose your payment. The time I spend on my clients is very precious to me, and my goal is only to help you heal. By trying to deceive me, you are in essence not giving the proper respect for those in the Heavenly Realm, so there is no reason to continue with the reading.


Please provide the dates and times you are available, along with your contact information, and what service you are requesting to thelightandbeyond@gmail.com for me to schedule an appointment. An invoice will be emailed to you after the scheduling is finalized. Once you paid the invoice, the session will be confirmed via email or text.

Please make sure that you provide the correct name, email, and telephone number so that I can contact you. Also, let me know if you prefer email, texting, or receiving a phone call to schedule your appointment. No other information is required, since I do not want to know anything about you prior to our meeting. If you do not receive a confirmation or response within 48 hours, please email me since it is most likely your information was not correct.

Cancellation Policy: **NO REFUNDS will be issued for single services once it’s purchased! You can eMail me regarding any questions before you checkout. However, I will be happy to reschedule you if you contact me at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time. I will ONLY make refund exceptions on an individual basis. For large events and parties, please cancel at least a week before the scheduled date or you will be subjected to a penalty fee for the last minute cancellation.**

Per Person Pricing

Smoke Readings   includes Soot Divination, channeling information from the Heavenly Realm, Auric Field Connection, and use of Archangel Tarot Cards in these sessions
(Skype option not available due to nature of this specific reading)

60 mins $250

Per Person Pricing

Life Purpose / Archangel Tarot Readings  includes channeling information from the Heavenly Realm, Auric Field Connection, and/or use of Archangel Tarot Cards in these sessions

15 mins $75 (Limited to 2-4 questions due to the time constraints.)
30 mins $135
60 mins $250

*SLIDING SCALE PRICING is available for those who cannot afford the current rate due to financial hardships. Please email me with a brief explanation of your current status to be eligible for the discounted rate.


Per Person Pricing

We all are slightly intuitive and every day more and more people are starting to awaken spiritually. Have you always been fascinated but do not know who to talk to or need the guidance to discovering your life or soul’s purpose? Are you sensitive or a beginner/intermediate intuitive and would like to learn the proper way or basics to tapping in and developing your intuition further? Are you already a lightworker but need more clarity, a new perspective, or angelic guidance to stay on path? Take advantage of the personal guidance and training sessions that will help you on the right path. Each session is catered to you and will cover everything you need to know, from protection to awakening your intuitive abilities. These sessions are geared towards those who have always had an interest in the spiritual world and practices, are newly awakened, or seasoned intuitives who would like guidance from the Heavenly realm.

Spiritual Development  includes welcome package (handmade protection and intuitive products mailed to you), preliminary personal reading, developing your intuition, spiritual Q&A, guided coursework, & more. Each package is crafted specifically for you and your needs. You have 12 months from the date of purchase to use your sessions. Each sessions are booked separately. (FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google Duo, etc.)

Awakening Package
1 – twenty minute introductory phone or video call to craft your beginner’s package
2 – one hour sessions (covers the necessary basics to get you started on your spiritual path)
1 – thirty min refresher/follow-up reading at end of spiritual development sessions


Lightworker Package
1 – twenty minute introductory phone or video call to craft your package
4 – one hour sessions
1 – thirty min refresher/follow-up reading at end of spiritual development sessions


Nirvana Package
1 – twenty minute introductory phone or video call to craft your package
1 – one hour personal angel reading
6 – one hour sessions
1 – thirty min refresher/follow-up reading at end of spiritual development sessions



Email to inquire about booking Jax for Angelic Readings for your next party, retreat, or special private event today!


If you would like to book a blessing session in which I will tie on the Blessed Little Red Strings of protection for your group, please contact me regarding rates. You can also add this service onto any of your Corporate, Private Parties, or Retreats.


  • 1 Blessed Little Red String Bracelets for all participants
  • Tie-on ritual and individual blessings for participants
  • Closing blessing for the entire group


**Discounted Rates Available for Corporate Events or Retreats.**
Please eMail me for discounted rates if you meet the requirements.

Cancellation policy: If you need to cancel or reschedule your reading, please give at least a 48-hour notice. You may be subjected to a penalty fee for large events with last minute cancellation.