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The red ribbon bracelet is made with high quality ribbon that is charged through my protective blessing ritual.

Tibetan Buddhists believe that saying the mantra (prayer), Om Mani Padme Hum (Hail the jewel in the lotus), invokes the powerful benevolent attention and blessings of Chenrezig (the Bodhisattva of Compassion; or the embodiment of compassion). You can say the prayer silently to yourself or out loud whenever you are in need of protection, love and compassion.

What does the the red ribbon represent?

OMsmThe red ribbon bracelet, in addition to possessing the same protection properties as the little red string bracelet, is meant to help you attract positivity and luck into your life. Having a Mindful Heart (pure, kind intentions) will invoke the energies that will draw love, finances, successful results, peace and/or luck. However, this is a powerful item that can only work effectively when you hold mindful thoughts. Your kindness and ability to refrain from negative actions or thoughts toward others will assist in the manifesting of your true heart’s desire. This red ribbon bracelet works similar to a magnet that will provide you what you need most. It also is a connection to your guardian angel and is a commitment to being the best person you can be. Only then, will this bracelet open your energies to abundance in many aspects of your life.

Background on the red ribbon bracelet

During my work with clients, I realize that some may need a little extra help in receiving energy and positive outcome. Although the little red string bracelet works like the evil eye of protection, it may not be enough for those possessing a more difficult layer of weaker or negative energy. In my meditative journey and connection with my Archangel, I was told to create a product that would assist in two ways. It would hold more of my Angelic Reiki charge for those who currently seek consistent healing through my Angelic Reiki sessions. It is also meant for those who are more dedicated about personal healing. The determination to want to break away from the negatives, and your clear intentions, will work well in attracting the right energies to you. This red ribbon bracelet is as powerful as your desire to seek enlightenment.

During energy work (Angelic Reiki), this bracelet can become a talisman and charged with energies that protect the wearer. It is believed the left side of the body is the receiving side, so wearing it on your left side allows for the receiving of good fortunes, luck, and blessings to come to us.

How to wear the red ribbon bracelet

You will receive instructions that comes with the bracelet, as well as a mantra or prayer to recite.


  • Have someone you love and trust tie the Red Ribbon to your left wrist.
  • You should have a clear intention in your heart, and do not need to say it out loud. Make the wish with a promise to yourself that you will refrain from negative thoughts or toward others. This is harmful behavior and will interfere with your effort to gain personal fulfillment and protection.
  • Make sure the string is tied comfortably around your wrist with a simple knot. You can cut off the extra length at the end if it is too long.
  • After the knot is tied, have the person read the prayer for protection and blessings.
  • No matter how it is worn, it is meant to be a reminder. It represents the strength of your faith, will help you maintain focus and healing.
  • Your Mindful Heart will attract the specific intentions. Your guardian angel will only give you what you need, when you ask for guidance. Any greediness in your thoughts will not assist in attracting your wish to full fruition.

When to get a new red ribbon bracelet:

When the red ribbon bracelet breaks or falls off, it is said that all it has deflected the negative and absorbed all the energies and can no longer hold any more. It has done its job, so do not be concerned. If you should replace the red string bracelet and it falls off again after a few days, you should re-examine your energy and your behavior toward others. This is a good reason to replace the red ribbon bracelet to keep you protected.

Some have worn the red ribbon bracelets for up to 2 years. Some require a replacement after a few days or months. You can determine how often or if you need to replace it.

If the bracelet is too stretched, worn out, or you need to take off for any reason, you can do so. Before you cut off the string, please say “Thank You for your protection and love”. However, you may need to replace it with a new one in the future for a fresh beginning.

Ordering & Shipping:

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Red Ribbon Bracelet(s)