This reading is often combined with smoke readings (soot divination) or Archangel card readings. Communication with Spirit is not as simple as a verbal conversation between two people. They will communicate with me through sending images, symbols, or emotions to verify events. Sometimes they are able to provide names, numbers, or a vision of important events in their lives that are precious to them while they were living. If their communication is not solid, Archangel cards will allow them to speak through the cards and provide information, or advice from the other side.

Important to keep in mind about Mediumship: 

  • Spirit may not always come.
    • Spirit feels the person is still in mourning and does not think the loved one is ready, they will not step forward.
    • Spirit will not  step forward if they feel there was closure before they departed.
    • Spirit has lived a fulfilled life and there are no messages except a simple acknowledgement that they are well.
    • Spirit is in a stage of learning in the spirit world and is unable to step forward.
  • I will not summon Spirit and will only ask whether they would like to connect.
    • I feel strongly about free will, whether in the this world or the spirit world. I can only ask if Spirit wants to connect and it’s up to them to step forward of their own free will.
  • Bring personal object(s).
    • Through Psychometry, holding a personal object that was meaningful to the departed, it will allow me to ask the Spirit to step forward.
    • Through Spirit, I may see visions, feel emotions, or be provided information through whatever methods they would like me to discover the answers.
  •  Communication. 
    • Since I know nothing about the loved ones the client wishes to connect with, I may receive information that will not make sense to me but it will to the client.
    • Depending on what their level of communication skills are, sometimes information is jumbled but the answer seems to work its way out, making sense.
    • Personality is the one thing that Spirit has so if their communication skills are lacking, they make up in how they allow me to see their personality while living.
  • Spirit surprises me.
    •  Clients usually come with a specific person in mind, however, I often will have multiple people come through. Sometimes they want to confirm and acknowledge how they are doing on the other side.
  • If Spirit does not come through.
    • If we can’t connect to your loved ones, I will let you know quickly. I do not want to waste your time. We can re-schedule and try to connect with them in the near future.

Mediumship Reading:

 There are several steps I take before starting a session.

  • I will sage myself, the client, and the space in which we do the reading so it is a safe and pure environment for the angels to step forward.
  • Have the intention that you will receive the accurate messages you need. I will provide a few other steps you need to do before the actual reading begins.
  • Please have a personal object  that was of importance belonging to the person you are trying to connect with. Sometimes these objects makes it easier to connect to your loved ones. 
  • Ask the specific question in your mind that you need answered. Be specific and repeat it in your mind. Everything else will fall into place but your initial question is a focus that will call Spirit forward.
  • Do not ask the question out loud, unless it is a specific area you need addressed, because I want to give you the most accurate reading possible from your loved ones. Often the angels will be present if communication is difficult to be received due to Spirit’s ability to communicate. However, you can answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in some instances. Validation on answers you receive helps me connect to the right person or open yourself for a better reading.
  • After the reading is complete, at that point we can have a discussion for any clarity. Then, I will sage you again before you leave. This is a blessing and clearing of any negative emotional energy that has built up from a difficult reading.

Please Note:

  • Before booking a reading, it is important that you have not visited another psychic for at least 4 months. It could make the reading unpure or the reading may not be available for you that day.
  • If you want a spirit connection with a loved one who has passed over, please allow the same amount of time. Due to the grief being too strong for the person having the reading, it will be difficult to connect and will be less accurate.
  • For your own personal use, you can record the session or take notes if you wish.


By attending this reading, you agree that the Messages you receive are not a substitute for advice, programs or treatment from a licensed medical, psychological, legal or financial professional. I provide no guarantees, or implied warranties and am not responsible for any interpretations, decisions made or actions taken by clients.