Saging (smudging) is an ancient practice rooted in Eastern and Native American cultures and traditions. It’s a ritualistic way to cleanse a person, place, or an object of negative energies or influences. The theory behind smudging is that the smoke attaches itself to negative energy, and as it clears, it takes away the negative energy with it. Then, Mother Earth re-absorbs the negative energy and filters it herself. Often, I reinforce the cleansing with incense or any additional tools that is required. My process includes calling upon my Ancestral Archangels to walk through the session with me.

I approach every cleansing with the purpose of eliminating negative energies and forces, releasing anything that has negatively attached to you or your sacred space (home or office), and is affecting your well-being. It is also a process of helping to heal you, your family, and your personal space. If you are moving into a new home, this is a purification method. It is a blessing and a cleansing of your environment so you can fill your walls with new beginnings, love and light.

Cleansing the Home or Office:

  • Before we begin the cleansing your home or office, I will sage myself and the client so it is a safe and pure environment for the Archangels or angels to step forward.
  • You must set your intention with me beforehand in our consultation.
    • Why do you want this cleansing?
    • Why do you feel this is necessary for your sacred space?
    • We will use your intention to begin the cleansing ritual.
  • Clear your mind and we will ask for help from the highest spiritual beings.
    • We will call upon Archangels, Angels, or a higher divine source from the white side that we believe in.
    • We will ask for 4 guardian Angels to be placed on the 4 extreme corners of your property.
    • We will ask them to create a protective white light of love and protection or hold a big white sheet, veil, canopy or balloon around your parameters. Opening as many windows, closets, and doors along the way.
    • We will place as many Angels in as many of the rooms that we may feel is needed.
  • Once we have gone through every room and filled every space with the sage smoke, we will remove the ashes and dispose or bury them in the earth outside your home.
    • We will say a prayer and thank the spiritual beings and the Mother Earth.

Sage (Smudge Stick)

These are dried herbs usually bound with string into a small bundle. The herbs are later burned as part of a cleansing ritual or ceremony.

Today, herbs used in commercial smudge sticks are rarely the actual materials or rituals used by traditional Native Americans. Often, essential oils, crystals, and stones are incorporated in the cleansing rituals or religious rites. These elements are common to many religions and cultures. In addition, the spiritual meanings are usually unique to the specific cultures and ceremonies performed.


  • *Free consultation to get exact pricing.* Prices will vary depending on the size of your space, amount of time it will take to complete the cleansing session, distance of property. Also, based on how deep the cleansing is needed and if additional elements must be incorporated. –Starting at $150

  • Full walk-through saging of the entire home or business.

    • Payment must be made in full before the appointment is secured.

    • Please call to re-schedule if any issues arises. There will be a Non-Refundable $50 fee if cancellations are not made at least 24 hours before the cleansing session.